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البحوث التطبيقية في مكافحة التدرن - بدء التقديم
What is Tuberculosis (T.B)?
When should tuberculosis be suspected?


National Tuberculosis Control Program

The MOH has established the National Tuberculosis Control Program (NTP) in 1989 by the technical and financial support of WHO. The mission of the NTP is to reduce the impact of TB as a public health problem in the country. DOTS strategy was introduced in 1998. By 2008, the DOTS strategy was introduced in all 18 governorates and DOTS Population coverage was reported as 100% in the WHO Global TB Report assuming the provision of TB diagnostics and treatment services are available in a governorate Respiratory and Chest Disease Clinic in each governorate.
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Overview of Health System Status in Iraq
Overview of National Tuberculosis Control Program
Diagnosis Of TB
Disciplines in the management of TB

Iraq GF R6 HIV TB Malaria component 1-3
Iraq GF R6 TB component
Iraq GF R6 TB workplan budget

International Standards For Tuberculosis Care


Flow Charts
How to manage an adult contact to recently diagnosed with tuberculosis

How to manage TB suspect

Treatment flow chart

Retreatment Cases: Relapse, Failure, after Defaulters  

How to manage a child contact of a newly diagnosed patient with tuberculosis


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Drug Action

Essential Anti T.B drugs used and their side effects

The W.H.O recommended certain regimes for each patient categories

Guidelines for management of patients with multiple drugs resistance (M.D.R) T.B

Treatment regimens in special situation

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